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To register for the Viessmann VPlus Program and to be a "Viessmann Partner" you must be: (1) a licensed professional heating contractor who is recognized and certified by local authorities to install oil- and/or gas-fired appliances; and (2) the owner/president of your company.

The term "Viessmann Partner", as used in this website and all other published materials, means the person or entity that satisfies the criteria noted above, and all its employees and agents. "Viessmann Partner" is a colloquial term and participation in the Viessmann VPlus program shall not be construed to make either Viessmann or the Viessmann Partner legal partners or joint venturers, or the agent, employee, legal representative of one another. The Viessmann Partner shall retain independent professional status.

The registration information supplied by the Viessmann Partner is assumed to be accurate. Viessmann is not responsible for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in connection with the information supplied by the Viessmann Partner. Viessmann assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind regarding the conduct of a Viessmann Partner. Viessmann shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person Client arising from or connected with the use or application of any services provided by the Viessmann Partner.

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